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Managing Projects with SharePoint 2010 Foundation

Project Management is one of the most popular applications for the out of the box collaboration features of SharePoint. User interest in this application makes sense for a number of reasons: The value of organization-specific data, like historical project costs, timelines, lists of project participants, and the gap between targeted objectives and the actual benefits realized from projects, become much more useful when they can be included in an overall business intelligence gathering effort. Designing, implementing, and recording projects in SharePoint is a useful method of capturing this organization-specific data.

The technical content published on SharePoint-Videos.com includes a webinar, delivered by Eric Eaton, a subject matter expert on project management topics. This webinar discusses applications of SharePoint 2010, Foundation, as an underlying platform for project management. The webinar is titled Project Management Using SharePoint 2010. My quick review of the webinar leads me to recommend a viewing by project management personnel looking for methods of standardizing the record-keeping between projects with SharePoint. This 1.25hr video recording is available for unlimited viewing by anyone with a valid subscription to our website.

As Eric explains in this webinar, learning to work with content types provides much of the “magic” of crafting SharePoint foundation into a highly useful project management platform. A successful effort can produce a computing environment, perhaps, with all of the capability of handling the burden typically shouldered by comparatively more costly solutions like Microsoft® Project Server. The fields included in the content types can be mapped to an organization’s custom Term Sets. Once this connection has been successfully effected, then the task of producing truly useful business intelligence from historical project data should become easier, and richer in meaning and utility.

This webinar is an important complement to the other video training content we offer on SharePoint-Videos.com for project management. Eric’s presentation of building a “content type” for tasks should be very useful for anyone looking for a method of building a template a team can implement to track a project activity process (in contrast to using a SharePoint list for the same purpose).

Ira Michael Blonder

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