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VisualSPtm Wins Bronze SharePoint Product of the Year Award from Windows IT Pro Magazine for 2012

On November 21st, 2012, Windows IT Pro Magazine named VisualSP from Rehmani Consulting, Inc. the bronze product of the year, SharePoint, 2012. We are very gratified to win this award.

In fact, we see this award as an affirmation of our position that there is substantial value in a product like ours, which provisions SharePoint users with an in-context method of accessing all sorts of training content, on-demand, and directly within the SharePoint work space. It is important to understand that our position is built upon two core assumptions:

  1. Successful technical training for a software product like SharePoint must include content that can be used, by students, to repeatedly learn to correctly perform require procedures, and
  2. Accessing training content directly within a software context like SharePoint, rather than leaving the software context to research solutions, elsewhere, is an important component for any user training program

It is worth taking a moment to explore these two points in further detail. With regards to our first point, there are quite a number of studies of technical training services for computer procedures that have illuminated the fact that students rarely, if ever, retain rote instruction. Rather, a repetitive process is required if users are expected to truly assimilate instructed procedures. The actual proportion of students who successfully assimilate instruction on a first pass, via a procedure like attending an instructor-lead training course is very low. Therefore, a method is required to empower students to repeat instruction as often as required, and in a manner that promises a high level of assimilation of content, if an investment in user training is to pay off.

There are a number of other studies that have demonstrated that video training content is particularly well suited for the type of repetitive exposure that students usually require in order to truly assimilate instructed procedures. Of course, the core offer at SharePoint-Videos dot com is a series of sets of video training content for SharePoint. Therefore, we have considerable experience working with customers in need of the type of training content that users can repetitively use, with little discernible reduction in interest.

In fact, we called upon quite a bit of this experience as we conceptualized VisualSP&trade. Not only did we decide to include a set of our video training content with our product, but we also decided to design our product to empower our customers with a method delivering their own video training content, organization-specific documents, slides and even images, directly to users within SharePoint.

Next, we will look at the importance of stickiness to successfully training users with SharePoint procedures.

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