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Short Video Training Files for SharePoint 2010 Available Directly from a Working Environment are Valuable for IT Support Teams

With VisualSP$trade;, Rehmani Consulting, Inc. provides an access method to video training content that promises substantial benefits to SharePoint support teams as well as to end users. The VisualSP$trade; access system, which is conveniently located within the SharePoint 2010 ribbon, provides Tier I and II support teams with a recommended list of task-specific video training files. By aligning support procedures to extract the maximum value of this in-context system, support management can streamline problem resolution, which will not only lower overall support costs, but also provide an opportunity for technical personnel to suggest SharePoint procedures to end users which may represent an expansion on the usefulness of the SharePoint computing work environment.

VisualSP$trade; permits video training files to be organized by task; for example, operations related to lists or libraries. Once video training files are organized by task, it is possible to use support calls as an opportunity to expand end user familiarity with SharePoint capabilities. This opportunity stems from the fact that the SharePoint 2010 ribbon location for VisualSP$trade; permits exposing a group of video training files to users. Of course, end user support calls for SharePoint will usually be specific to merely one of the video training files exposed on the ribbon. We think it makes sense for management to require that support teams include at least a mention of a related video training file as they work with end users to resolve specific issues. By extending end user familiarity with the extent of SharePoint capabilities, over time, adoption rates can be hastened, and more value can be delivered from an enterprise implementation of SharePoint 2010.

As well, the short and strictly to-the-point instructional videos included in VisualSP$trade; are ideal for support team training purposes. Of course, as support teams become more familiar with SharePoint procedures and more confident in their ability to support these same procedures, their value to the overall organization will increase. At the same time, it ought to be the case that the commitment level of these team members to the overall enterprise will increase; after all, exposing the complete set of video training classes included with our product to support teams will facilitate further career development for each of the team members who, in turn, should be eager to learn more, on the job.

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