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Video Tutorials on InfoPath 2010 Deliver High Value

We read with some interest a case study about InfoPath 2010 and the eHealth2Share Portal developed on SharePoint by Baycrest Hospital and hosted on Microsoft Office 365. As this case study illustrates, Baycrest hospital built this eHealth2Share Portal to make available information usually required by participating healthcare organizations (an annual membership charge of $500.00 is charged of each participating organization). This information includes forms and workflows built with Microsoft InfoPath 2010.

We need to note that Baycrest Hospital and Microsoft Partner Orangutech, as quoted in this case study, contend that the typical cost of building an acceptable form for healthcare purposes (meaning a form that complies with regulatory requirements) generally can cost anywhere from $10K to $40K to develop. Therefore, Baycrest Hospital built the eHealth2Share Portal to provide a means of redistributing workflows, forms, etc already developed to participating organizations. The case study estimates a cost savings to these participants of 90% of the cost of development, which is a substantial value that results in cash preservation, not to mention a greater utility for development work already successfully completed.

Our InfoPath 2010 Training DVD delivers comparable value. Our intended audience for this product are developers, administrators, application designers and architects. With a requisite background in Microsof SharePoint 2010 as well as a familiarity with codeless development options, our intended audience will certainly realize substantial savings from a purchase of our tutorial set on InfoPath 2010. Single use licenses are available at a cost of $199.50. Enterprise licenses are available at a cost of $1995.00.

Obviously, for large groups of developers, etc. a one time acquisition cost of just under $2000.00 constitutes a tremendous bargain when compared with the cost of paying for forms and workflow development via the traditional methods alluded to in Microsoft’s case study on Baycrest Hospital and its online portal. Further, the unique features of our video tutorial sets, the facts that they are available on demand (whenever a need arises), within a SharePoint workspace via installation on a SharePoint sub site, and, finally, and repeatable as often as required to ensure that techniques have been correctly mastered all translate into, going forward, a potential savings of tens of thousands of dollars as future needs arise for new forms and workflows.

For organizations always involved with development requirement corporate subscriptions to our website make the most sense. These subscriptions provide access to an absolutely unique set of over 399 video tutorials completely focused on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2007. If development requirements call on technologies other than InfoPath 2010 (for example, SharePoint Designer 2010), our set of tutorials is absolutely the sole available resource for training the right audience to develop applications the right way (meaning via codeless approaches).

We are enthusiastic about opportunities to further a discussion with businesses who care to hear further about saving considerable cost while building out SharePoint 2010 and InfoPath 2010 projects. Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to discuss this topic at greater length.

As ever, use this link to place an order for an annual subscription to SharePoint-Videos instructional content

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