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Video Tutorials on Branding SharePoint 2010 Support Developing Branded Communities for SharePoint

Barb Mosher, Managing Editor for CMSWire published an interview in July of last year with Cecilia Edwards, SVP of Client Services at Teligent Corporation: “9 Characteristics of a Successful Branded Online Community”. We were taken by the second of Cecilia’s nine points: “Being Personal” and, specifically, her contention that “You need to put a face in there [presumably this is the branded community, but then again we are not sure] to ensure a higher level of trust. The community manager is seen as the face of the brand, so that person needs to real, active and good at fostering participation.” We would add to Cecilia’s point that you need to put a “face” to the branded community’s SharePoint sites, as well, as a perfect method of adding value to SharePoint as a platform for community building within global businesses and larger organizations.

Our collection of video tutorials on Branding SharePoint 2010, authored by Yaroslav Pentsarskyy delivers the essential techniques to craft unique community brands for SharePoint upon an enterprise implementation of SharePoint. Developing expertise with this technology promises to empower SharePoint users with the tools they need to establish visual presence for specific communities, thereby heightening the person and social qualities of SharePoint.

Of course governance must be exercised to ensure that attempts to build distinct, unique visual brands do not inadvertently result in a hodge podge of visual themes spread across a corporate intranet. Guidelines must be established with regard to where and how corporate logos and other brand objects (including color schemes for site, fonts, etc) are placed on website pages. Further, automated mechanisms should be build to police adherence across the enterprise with governance requirements.

Nevertheless, technologies required to develop visual brands (as well as the tools required to manage the method under which community brands proliferate across an enterprise SharePoint foundation) are presented within our branding SharePoint 2010 video curriculum in easy to learn techniques. Once users are empowered to implement these techniques, then the likelihood of communities en masse jumping on a SharePoint bandwagon goes way up.

If you would like to explore SharePoint’s capabilities to support community branding across users communities, we would welcome an opportunity to speak with you. We would like to learn more about your objectives and assumptions as regards the steps that will need to be taken to effect the development you’re after. Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to discuss this topic at greater length.

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