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Using Microsoft Access in SharePoint

Microsoft has positioned Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 as a “strategic” feature capable of delivering lots of value to global businesses and other large organizations looking to increase collaboration between silos through heightened levels of information sharing. Information sharing includes incorporating Microsoft Access databases within SharePoint. Collaboration includes working with Microsoft Access databases from within SharePoint (as a common platform) through SharePoint lists as well as forms processing capabilities delivered by SharePoint.

We offer 11 video tutorials that demonstrate how to use Microsoft Access in SharePoint. Each of our video tutorials is authored by Bruce Herz, an expert with Windows SharePoint Services as well as Microsoft Access.

This video tutorial collection on Microsoft Access in SharePoint includes:

  • Leveraging SharePoint when Using Access Services which provides an overview of the value added to Access by processing work within SharePoint
  • Building Custom Reports, which treats the usefulness of reports as a method of sharing database information with only a web browser as a document viewer
  • Navigation Control in Access 2010, which illustrates how “navigation controls” in Access 2010 enhance the usefulness of forms and reports for users working with Access databases with web browsers
  • Publishing Web Applications to SharePoint Access Services, which discusses the realities of including web applications within SharePoint services
  • User Interface Macros and Controls. Users work with forms to implement web applications. This tutorial discusses some of the common controls used to manage forms based application processing
  • Building Custom Web Database Forms. Bruce Herz explains several approaches to tying forms directly to specific tables and even queries
  • After Event Data Macros. Our video tutorial catalogues the additional capabilities inherent to “After Event” data macros for working with complex data
  • Introduction to Data Macros using Before Events. We further our look into the new features of data macros, which a user can build without recourse to hard coding with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). We describe common techniques, such as building triggers based upon events such as adding records, etc
  • Modify Tables and Validation. Microsoft Access database tables can be modified in layout view. We show you how in this video. We also discuss when and how to create and use “calculated fields”, “look up wizard” and “field validation” in this tutorial video
  • How to Create Web Database Tables. Bruce Herz shows us how to create web database tables in the subscription-required video tutorial
  • Introduction to Access Services. We show you how to work with Access Services with SharePoint 2010 and Access 2010 in this video. We also instruct on how to create web database applications within SharePoint with the new Access Web Database capability of Access 2010

If you are planning on a significant role for SharePoint and Microsoft Access within your business, then you should take a look at this video tutorial collection. Don’t lose sight of the significant contribution web databases can make to accumulating the type of Business Intelligence (BI) that leads to powerful actions. If you would like to hear more about how our video training can be offered within your SharePoint plan, then please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to elaborate with suggestions and tips for including a video training component in your offer.

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