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Training Content for Specific SharePoint Procedures can be Provisioned Directly to Developers and Power Users via Intranet Access

Rehmani Consulting, Inc sells procedure specific training content for SharePoint that is available for enterprise use. These training sets, which are available on DVD media for use on a corporate Intranet, can provide valuable training content to developers and SharePoint power users in conjunction with organization-specific content via our VisualSP in-context help system. Provisioning this type of resource is a sensible approach to supporting a governance plan for SharePoint 2010.

In this set of blog posts on why it makes sense to implement a formal, organization-specific governance plan for SharePoint as the basis for an implementation of this software, we have discussed why training is a necessary component of any such plan. Further, in the preceding post we treated the type of training best suited to SharePoint administrators, the procedural reference content that should be provided to them, and, finally, the best method of providing them with access to this training content.

In this post we will briefly discuss the type of training that developers, and power users should undertake in order to successfully contribute to an implementation plan. Further, we will discuss the type of training content that ought to be provisioned to these users, and, finally, how best to deliver this training content to them. In fact, the best training method for these users is a combination of the coaching services that we provide via our consulting services (we presented these services in the last post to this blog), and our procedure-specific courses that are available in DVD format. In fact, for technically knowledgeable developers and power users, the DVD courses, themselves, may suffice as a direct training method. Our presentations consistently highlight no-code development approaches, through the use of SharePoint Designer, which can be quickly assimilated by developers and other comparable users. Best of all, the systems built with these procedures should be readily supported by other personnel with no more than access to SharePoint Designer and/or InfoPath together with an understanding of how these systems work.

VisualSP, our unique help system for SharePoint 2010, provides the best method of delivering this training content to users. Our system can be used, successfully, to expose all training content, including organization-specific documents, videos, images and slide sets, along with our training videos on industry best practices, within the same system. There is not better way to provide direct, in-context, task-specific support to users than via our system.

Please contact us to learn more about our DVD courses for SharePoint and VisualSP. You can either telephone us at +1 630-786-7026 or contact us via email, we will be happy to learn more about your specific objectives, relative to SharePoint, for your organization.

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