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SharePoint Partners with Custom Training Offers Should Provide Customers with an In-Context Help System

Rehmani Consulting, Inc. has introduced an in-context help system for SharePoint, 2010, VisualSP. A system like ours can be used to add substantial value to custom, organization-specific training content. This organization-specific training content for SharePoint is often included in the type of SharePoint project delivered by Microsoft® Partners.

Provisioning an in-context access system for users to avail of custom training content for SharePoint makes sense for Partners. A help system like VisualSP can be used to deliver custom training content directly within the SharePoint work space. Further, this custom training content can be organized by task, and, subsequently, exposed to the user through familiar SharePoint features.

In the case of our solution, the familiar SharePoint feature is the Ribbon, itself. When users avail of the ribbon to access SharePoint list, or document library features where VisualSP has been installed, they will also have an opportunity to click on a tab called “help.” Once that tab is clicked, the user will have an opportunity to access a wide range of training content across familiar file formats — including videos, documents, slides, and even images. Of course, much of this wide range of training content can be provided by Partners. In fact, a help system serves customer needs with a custom set of information, which we think most Partners will agree makes for a superior offer.

Of course, a help system for SharePoint must also expose technical training materials that present industry best practices. We don’t think it makes sense for Partners to spend much effort building this training content. In fact, our help system includes our SP101 End User Training Class, which includes 105 short video training classes on important SharePoint procedures. Most of this training is presented by Asif Rehmani, who is a Microsoft SharePoint MVP (and has been one for each of the last 6 years) and broadly accepted across the SharePoint community as an expert. Therefore, by providing customers with our help system for SharePoint, Partners also provide these same customers with the video technical training content that they require to successfully accomplish their work in SharePoint.

We think Partners will agree that a help system like ours for SharePoint can provide an important added benefit to customers — an access method that delivers training where it is actually required, specifically within the SharePoint work space. We welcome opportunities to discuss our system directly with Partners. Please telephone us at +1 630-786-7026 to further a discussion. Alternatively, please use our Contact Us Page to send us a message.

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