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Power Users and Information Workers can Avail of Report Builder 3.0 Benefits With Reporting Services Add-In for SharePoint 2010

Broadly identifying likely benefits that line of business (LOB) organizations can obtain through the use of a tool like Report Builder 3.0 is not an easy task. But, given the past few posts to this blog, which we wrote to present the benefits to these same LOB organizations, as well as to the enterprise IT organizations that are charged with supporting them, of using the Reporting Services Add-In for SharePoint 2010, Enterprise Edition, we thought it would make sense to speak a bit about a tool that is a step further removed from SharePoint, but, nevertheless, a core component of the value delivered through th SharePoint Add-In that we chose to highlight through these posts.

After reviewing several articles on MSDN, and a blog post from an independent writer, we finally came on a telltale sign of a benefit worth discussing, namely, the fact that Report Builder 3.0, in contrast to SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services, is accessible to the user without ” . . . BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio), a subset of Microsoft’s Visual Studio development environment.”. What Andy Brown’s point means, for us, is that the level of user that Microsoft refers to as an “Information Worker” (for a good example of a set of definitions of how Microsoft breaks down types of users, we recommend reading an article like What’s in a name? The Information Worker, The Knowledge Worker and The Structured Task Worker, by Mark Bower, which was published on 6th of January, 2005), can build his/her own reports, very much in a manner that conforms with steps in a workflow, without any recourse to code.

“No-code” development is a constant topic of discussion in this blog, as is understandable given the fact that Rehmani Consulting, Inc. is headed up by Asif Rehmani who is an expert with workflow process development techniques and the tools that empower business users to make use of them. What we are adding here is our observation that eliminating a step through Visual Studio affords enterprises an opportunity to take the steps required for more promising IT Project management. When LOB organizations are directly involved in the process of building automated systems to support their own requirements, then there ought to be a greater likelihood that IT Projects will deliver the value expected from them. Of course, deriving intended value from completed IT projects has somewhat eluded the broader enterprise IT market for sometime. Therefore, any opportunity to streamline the process in a manner that will bring the internal customer into a role of building the solution, itself is, in our opinion, worth exploring.

Of course, when access to Report Builder 30.00 is provided through a SharePoint 2010, Enterprise Edition Add-In, then Information Workers have even greater access to a workflow-based development environment in the form of SharePoint Designer.

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