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Master SharePoint Designer 2010 and Open Codeless Development Opportunities

Microsoft developed SharePoint Designer 2010 as “The Tool of Choice for Rapid Development of SharePoint Applications”.

We offer a SharePoint Designer 2010 Tutorial collection. This collection includes 32 video tutorials across 8 different categories of application for SharePoint Designer 2010. These categories include:

  1. Data View (a method of importing data from remote sources into a SharePoint implementation)
  2. Integration (which brings together InfoPath, Visio, and SharePoint 2010 for Workflows)
  3. List View (a set of 4 video tutorials on building lists with SharePoint Designer 2010)
  4. MPPL (a set of 3 video tutorials on laying out Master Pages)
  5. Overview (which includes a video tutorial on creating SharePoint Components with Designer 2010)
  6. Security (2 video tutorials)
  7. Content (a collection of 8 video tutorials on a range of topics including 3 videos on working with Web Parts with SharePoint Designer 2010)
  8. Workflow (9 video tutorials)

We cannot overstate the importance of mastering SharePoint Designer 2010. Most of the benefits promised by applying SharePoint to mission critical enterprise requirements will be facilitated through a planned application of Designer. For example, significant development cost reductions should be realized through the application of codeless approaches After all, specialized skills will not be required in a development environment where components, workflows, etc are all built with SharePoint Designer 2010. Further, a development trail should be easily assembled as long as each development step has been created within the SharePoint Designer 2010 workspace.

As well, effectively exploiting the features of SharePoint Designer 2010 will enhance the capabilities of SharePoint as a data repository capable of incorporating data from remote sources. Of course, once this data is incorporated properly within SharePoint (meaning that meta tags have been correctly added for the data and that a taxonomy is in place), then the data will be “visible” to important activities such as compliance reviews, etc. These important activities present greater value to heavily regulated businesses where, as we have discussed in earlier posts to this blog, the possibility of SharePoint performing a mission critical role as an enterprise application for global business is greater.

We offer at SharePoint-Videos.com a unique and deep amount of substantial training on the various versions of SharePoint as well as its features. If you are planning on a significant role for SharePoint within your business, then you should take a look at the features of SharePoint Designer 2010. Your time will be well spent. If you would like to hear more about how our video training can be offered within your SharePoint plan, then please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to elaborate with suggestions and tips for including a video training component in your offer.

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