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Building Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2010

For enterprise business users who are determined to reduce the development costs usually associated with building automated systems, a computing platform that includes SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Designer 2010 should be carefully considered for implementation. The workflow feature of SharePoint Designer 2010 can be used to build many applications at a fraction of the cost of custom development. Therefore, the no-code approach to system development offered by SharePoint Designer 2010 is a methodology that may provide a solution to this need for lower development costs. It should be noted that SharePoint Designer 2010 is a tool that should only be used by SharePoint 2010 power users, including SharePoint Administrators, Site Collection Administrators, Developers and Architects. Average users should not make use of SharePoint Designer 2010 without specific training on using this tool.

Rehmani Consulting, Inc has included a video tutorial, “Creating a Workflow on a List using SharePoint Designer 2010” within our SP201 – SharePoint Designer 2010: Create No-Code Solutions curriculum on SharePoint Designer 2010 fundamentals. This video tutorial is an example of the effort we make to support our audience of SharePoint Server 2010 power users (Gartner’s “Citizen Developers”) with video recordings of the type of SharePoint training they require to deliver on the promise of an investment in SharePoint.

Our tutorial focuses on a common daily task, adding events to a calendar, which is a type of activity that has the potential to add support to collaboration across a business. Asif Rehmani, the author of this tutorial, demonstrates how a set of simple automated procedures, including:

  1. Informing team members of a new calendar event by email
  2. Creating an announcement from a calendar event for publication on a SharePoint 2010 Team Site, and
  3. Simultaneously initiating processes like the two processes mentioned in (1) and (2) above

can be easily created with the workflow feature of SharePoint Designer 2010 in 5mins or less.

The combination of collecting actions, creating the conditions required to specify when actions are to be used and, finally, the timing of actions is consistent across the production for site or list workflows. Therefore, SharePoint Designer 2010 is a free-of-charge tool that can be implemented, successfully, by trained users to deliver a rich range of automated procedures.

If your enterprise organizations needs to lower development costs as quickly as possible, you ought to consider implementing SharePoint Server 2010 and train your power users in the usage of SharePoint Designer 2010. We are certainly available to discuss your needs. Please contact us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us to further a discussion about our video training content.

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