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Boost Retention of Training for SharePoint Server 2010 through the Application of Complementary Sets of Video Instruction

Students of computer software in-person training typically retain a very small percentage of instruction — we posit in the range of 10-20%. Many training systems address the problem represented by these very small levels of probable student retention through a variety of remedies. Some of these salves amount to a prescription to students to pursue required training in an intense manner; for example, to take all 5 days of a 5 day class at once (and, presumably, write the corresponding lost work week off to staff development). On the other hand, a matching number of training systems recommend an opposite approach, to spread the 5 days over a month or more, to obtain the benefit of interspersing training with real life on the job experience. What, therefore, is a student to do?

As we have written elsewhere, and at length, in this blog, we develop video tutorial training content specifically for Microsoft SharePoint to provide students with terse, accurate, on screen instructions on required computer procedures as presented by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that can be repeated as often as required, whenever required, until procedures are assimilated. This type of video content in file format lends itself very well to repetitive viewing, as often as required, within a work context, by students. We do not posit our content as a replacement for in-person technical training on SharePoint. Rather, we promote the unique benefits to be realized from video tutorial content for computer software and, specifically, SharePoint, potentially in conjunction with in-person training..

We also think that it makes perfect sense to cluster sets of video tutorials into a curriculum that stands a better chance of making its voice heard as regards student retention rates. For example, we offer a comprehensive set of video tutorials on managing an organization’s projects with SharePoint Server 2010. Given the nature of SharePoint Team Sites which, per Microsoft, were conceptualized to provide project teams within an organization with respective web sites for document repositories, shared calendars, etc. our set of tutorials on Branding Team Sites for SharePoint Server 2010 is a worthy complement for the above mentioned tutorial set on project management. In fact, we think that it makes excellent sense to provision all of this content to the same team of designers, administrators, developers and architects so that they will be prepared to handle user requests for project management as well as the collaboration method for planning purposes.

If you would like let us know specific realities of your organization’s environment, then please contact us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us to further a discussion about our video training content.

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