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Attendees at SPTechCon San Francisco Look to Use SharePoint for Mission Critical Applications

We are attending SPTechCon in San Francisco. Yesterday we were fortunate enough to speak at some length with more than 25 attendees. We were impressed with the general size of the business enterprises represented by attendees. Many Fortune 100 businesses have sent staff to this year’s show. What pervade our conversations was a general intention to implement SharePoint for higher levels of utility than we presumed would be the case. For example, we heard from one transportation company of their interest to dispense with BI tools from a plethora of third parties in lieu of maximizing the value and usefulness of SharePoint’s BI module. From an educational institution that virtually connects first responders across the country we heard of an interest in implementing secure data communications over SharePoint. Finally, two large pharmaceutical companies expressed an interest in globally implementing SharePoint for multi faceted plans that will need to pull on several features simultaneously.

Therefore, its safe to say that SharePoint users have grown up. Implementation plans no longer fixate on plugging in SharePoint simply for the fun of it. Real needs are on the table presently in 2012. Commensurate plans are in the conception stage as to just how to extract desired functionality from SharePoint.

Of course we are gratified to see this new maturity pervade big businesses using SharePoint. On SharePoint-Videos dot com we offer the essential SharePoint 2010 training to support SharePoint as a mission critical feature of the business computing landscape.

What is doubly gratifying is the sense that most of the SharePoint proponents with whom we spoke will probably succeed at their plans. The delivery gap seems to have vaporized. Better tools are at hand, which promise success for customer objectives. Further, customers themselves have watched the evolution of SharePoint over the last half decade and more. 2012 looks like the year for this application to find a permanent place within the computing infrastructure of larger groups of users than was the case in the past.

As ever, we maintain a very keen interest in collaborating with users of all types from an equally diverse range of organizations who look to extract very high value from SharePoint from a mission critical role for the enterprise. We are comfortable that we hace precisely the training required to empower development efforts to achieve ambitious goals for SharePoint. Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to discuss this topic at greater length.

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