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A Help System for SharePoint 2010 Benefits Large Enterprise Organizations

Rehmani Consulting, Inc offers products designed to benefit organizations that require highly efficient training content and methods to support and manage groups of SharePoint users. Our help system for SharePoint, VisualSP fulfills an important need that these organizations usually share — an access method that promises the highest level of user retention of training content. We think that large organizations will exhibit a strong interest in our help system product.

Large organizations usually depend upon strict uniformity as to how logos, trade marks, and other branding emblems are displayed on web sites. This requirement makes sense when one considers the breadth of some of these organizations — often comprising tens of thousands of users — the disparate geographical location of line of business (LOB) groups, and, finally, the overall vulnerability of the organization to haphazard representation of key organizational branding information.

With a help system like VisualSP, a method is now available to distribute all required branding information, including logos, trade marks, typography, etc. along with the specific instructions that LOBs will require to successfully implement these items on team sites, as required. Further, a help system like ours, which includes a top level installation that automatically populates each and every farm site collection with precisely the same information constitutes a preferred method of directly provisioning approved materials in a simple manner, with minimal support overhead.

These same large enterprises usually standardize on a set of computing procedures. LOBs within these organizations are expected to implement these organizational standards. It makes sense for these organizations to seriously consider equipping SharePoint with a help system as a means of ensuring that all LOBs have received the same information about standards, and, therefore, can be expected to adhere to mandated organizational policies and procedures. In fact, a help system like VisualSP, which provides direct, in-context access to task-specific training information constitutes an ideal method of delivering information on standards to LOBs.

Once LOBs are educated as to how to best utilize the resources included in a SharePoint help system, SharePoint support teams for enterprise organizations can switch their emphasis from educating users, to managing user adherence to standardized procedures by simply pointing users to the help system, itself, as troubles arise. We think that it is highly likely that organizations that follow an implementation plan like the one we have just broadly sketched will be able to realize meaningful reductions in the cost of SharePoint support.

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