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Workflows are a Valuable Feature of SharePoint that Save Costs that would Otherwise be Incurred to Develop Processes

Arguably, workflows are one of the most valuable features of the SharePoint computing platform. As we have noted elsewhere in this blog, when SharePoint users with appropriate permissions engage in higher level tasks like developing workflows for simple computing processes like sending alerts via email based upon conditions (for example when events are added to shared calendars), then development teams are freed to spend time required on more challenging (not to mention more appropriate) tasks. Further, opting to create globally reusable workflows by building and saving them at the top level of a SharePoint site collection paves the way for further cost savings. Simply consider that users throughout an organization can be spared the effort required to put together a required workflow once they are instructed as to how to select the workflow from the list of available templates as they need to work with specific, associated content types.

In fact, out of the box SharePoint Server 2010 ships with 5 workflows that are immediately available for use. We present these 5 workflows in our SharePoint 2010 Workflows – Out of the Box video tutorials set. This set of videos is available to any individual or enterprise that subscribes to all of the content on SharePoint-Videos dot com. Included are the following workflows:

  • Disposition Approval
  • Three State
  • Collect Feedback
  • Approval and
  • Collect Signatures

In one of the video tutorials included in this set, “Using the built-in Approval Workflow Template” Asif Rehmani notes that the pre built Approval workflow is the most important and most used of this set. Asif demonstrates how to rename the template for this globally reusable workflow as well as how to store the workflow in a custom named list or to continue storing the list in the pre built “Tasks” list with a backup copy to be stored in the “Workflow History” list. The rest of this video provides instruction to the viewer as to how to set the conditions for operating the “Approval” workflow as well as a form that is provided with this pre built workflow to configure user roles, etc.

Simply by considering the extent to which the actual method of implementing this “Approval” workflow can be configured from a set of answers submitted by a form, one can get a good sense of the ease of accessing a powerful deterrent which is capable of prohibiting the malicious addition of data to SharePoint sites without required approvals.

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