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What’s the Cost of Business Data that can’t be Located?

If you’re business is investment banking, financial planning, corporate lending or any one of the many revenue generators for diversified financial institutions, how do you quantify the cost of lost business data? By lost business data we’re speaking of data that cannot be found via enterprise search services like Google Desktop, DTSearch, or enterprise search features for Microsoft SharePoint.

Our answer begins with a glimpse at the details of the problem. There are a number of conditions that contribute to rendering business data invisible; for example, storing business data in file shares that require access permissions, merely introducing business data through email attachments rather than by adding data to file system repositories, etc. Theoretical solutions to the problem, like purchasing SharePoint, training users to build document libraries, further training users to set file access permissions, etc should illuminate data where ever it resides; however, somehow data eludes discover.

We think invisible data ends up costing business lots and lots of money. The most glaringly obvious example of these costs are the enormous expense of business misdirection that will result from decision making on less than a complete understanding of all current factors. If data in SAP, or a remote SQL Server database is not correctly incorporated within a SharePoint document repository, then it will not be found via the enterprise search feature of SharePoint. Literally millions of dollars can be lost on business misdirection.

Spending the money required to secure the best training for SharePoint 2010 server for users, administrators, developers, etc. via instructional video tutorials delivers exceptional value. Once useful training content is provisioned to these users, they will be able to utilize Term Store, Taxonomy and Meta Tagging and much more (presently over 390 topics specific to SharePoint are covered by our instructional video collection) is absolutely trivial when compared to the cost of business misdirection. For a SharePoint user community of 1K people, we are talking about $8.00 per user per year for the first year of subscription to our SharePoint-Videos tutorial collection for all members of the community, and $4.00 per user for each subsequent year of subscription. Therefore, it behooves business users to direct IT to secure the training required to build truly effective enterprise search capabilities on SharePoint. The fact is that business users bear the brunt of the pain of business misdirection. Positioned as they are, business users on SharePoint must take the initiative and commence the effort to obtain the right training to accomplish the development required to deliver essential features like rich enterprise search of all documents within the SharePoint enterprise document repository.

We welcome opportunities to speak with groups who need to make the right training selection to deliver planned benefit and value. Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to discuss this topic at greater length.

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