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Video Tutorials Provide a Readily Available Reference for “How to SharePoint” Questions

SharePoint is a software tool with a multitude of applications and a very wide, panoramic range of interoperability with other software packages in use at global businesses. Therefore, it is plausible that many SharePoint users would spend a considerable amount of time pursuing “how to” answers for SharePoint.

We can’t think of a better method than to utilize our video tutorial category list on our SharePoint-Videos.com website as a reference for your How to SharePoint questions.

We presently offer 350 tutorial videos on SharePoint 2007, MOSS 2007 and SharePoint 2010. Our video tutorials are filed into 48 broad categories of SharePoint operation. One of these 48 categories, “General” includes 27 sub categories. In sum, you can see that the breadth of our collection is very wide, indeed. We offer several levels of subscription to the content on our website, including unlimited access to any of the 350 video tutorials if/when needs arise. Simply on the merits of the very wide range of topics specific to SharePoint operation covered by our tutorial videos for SharePoint, alone, purchasing an appropriate unlimited access subscription will return handsomely on an investment.

For corporate users and other organizations, purchasing unlimited access subscriptions make good sense for SharePoint administrators, site collection administrators, developers, and architects, if for no other reason than to ensure that a strong governance function is established, one that is capable of empowering policies that enforce adherence to implementation guidelines across the SharePoint user community at a place of business. Once this group of dedicated SharePoint users is empowered with the range of applications that are possible with SharePoint, they will have the knowledge required to determine what does and what does not make sense for a specific business to do with SharePoint. It is generally accepted that strong SharePoint governance is a critically important component of a successful implementation plan for SharePoint for global businesses. Watching short, to the point video tutorials is an efficient method of gaining the familiarity with procedures that is required to conclusively determine “dos and don’ts” for a business.

We are eager to discuss why SharePoint planning must include a training component with global businesses considering programs built on SharePoint. Further, we will be happy to show you why the features of video tutorials for SharePoint make them a “must have” component of training plans. You may either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to elaborate.

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