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Video Tutorials Add a Valuable Dimension to SharePoint Training – On Demand Access

IT training for software like SharePoint usually includes in person, instructor lead classes, and study materials. Add a video tutorial component to offer a new dimension — on demand access.

SharePoint end users, readers and sub site owners usually aren’t looking for theory when they seek help with SharePoint. These users just want the facts, meaning right-to-the-point step by step procedures required to complete activities like adding documents to libraries, or building lists in SharePoint. Providing these users with on demand access to pithy video tutorials is a solution that benefits not only users, but the support teams that have to field SharePoint help calls on a regular basis. Further, these on demand SharePoint training aids can be repeated as frequently as required to empower staff to solve problems in the future by themselves.

Rehmani Consulting has put together instructional video tutorial curricula for end users, readers and SharePoint sub site owners tailored to satisfy their needs for SharePoint help precisely when/where the need arises. These curricula are a subset of our complete catalog of instructional videos for SharePoint, which presently includes in excess of 350 titles.

On demand availability can also provide substantial benefit to SharePoint Administrators, Site Collection Administrators, Developers and Architects as well as Tier I, II and II SharePoint support teams. In fact, and with specific regard to SharePoint support, on demand availability is very useful, particularly for Tier I support fielding incoming requests for SharePoint help from end users, etc. After all, the nature of incoming SharePoint help calls cannot be known in advance; therefore, immediate access to a comprehensive collection of SharePoint training videos is an ideal solution and a perfect complement to teams of support staff.

We usually position our video tutorial collection for SharePoint as a complement for in person training, rather than an alternative. In fact, we do not recommend replacing in person training with our collection; after all, each training tool–in person classroom training and video training for SharePoint–is targeted to a different aspect of user education and preparation: in person training fosters the maximum level of interactivity between student and teacher that can be delivered. Video training tutorials, on the other hand, provide recordings of proven, effective techniques that can be replayed as frequently as required. In sum, the two tools are differentiated with little, if any overlap.

Of course, recording in person training sessions can transform them into reference material that can be reviewed, as required; however, recordings of in person training tend to be lengthy. Students may be hard pressed to drill into specifically the point of instruction required to fix a SharePoint issue of immediate concern. Video tutorials for SharePoint are specifically designed to support procedures. These videos offer little theoretical discussion. Therefore, finding a specific procedure is an easier chore with video tutorials.

We welcome opportunities to elaborate on these points. If you are planning an enterprise implementation for SharePoint and understand the value that training will deliver to your plan, then please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to elaborate.

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