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Video Training Content Unlocks the SharePoint 2010 Value Trap

Rehmani Consulting, Inc. offers a suite of video training content for SharePoint 2010. Many of our products, but principally:

  1. SP101 – The Basics: SharePoint End User Training for Readers, Members & Subsite Owners
  2. and, VisualSP

are specifically designed to help enterprises (and, generally, IT organizations) unlock the SharePoint 2010 value trap.

Whenever an enterprise purchases SharePoint Server 2010, but has no plan for implementation beyond simply informing business lines and operational groups that SharePoint 2010 is available for installation, value is trapped. Dispensing with value will result in a condition where a timely return on investment in SharePoint 2010 is substantially diminished. This fact is troubling. We used a SharePoint 2010 licensing cost calculator that we found on the Bamboo Solutions web site to estimate the cost for an enterprise of a 1000 users of SharePoint 2010 Standard, and Enterprise. We came up with $95K, which is not a trivial expense. In 2012 we do not see a strong likelihood for a majority of enterprise businesses to opt to pay out nearly $100K for an application which is merely offered, with no implementation plan.

As many prominent Information Architects have posited, formulating a roadmap and governance plan for SharePoint 2010 ought to be a prerequisite of any purchase plan. In fact, we think that lots of businesses are finally listening to this message. For businesses planning on SharePoint 2010 end users to largely self manage, implementing our training products will liberate a substantial amount of the value implicit to SharePoint in any of its most popular iterations; for example, as a document repository, or as a collaboration platform.

Our products can be used successfully to liberate the value of a SharePoint 2010 implementation as a result of the fact that short video training courses, when installed locally within a SharePoint 2010 Site Collection, can be accessed directly by end users when they need it most, meaning, precisely when they are attempting to successfully use SharePoint features. Further, with VisualSP, an authoritative set of topic-specific video training, can be accessed by users directly within the tasks, themselves, related to SharePoint lists and libraries.

As users avail of video training content (which can be viewed several times — literally as often as required — until skills are mastered) to develop more expertise with SharePoint 2010, they will make greater use of the application and, thereby, deliver substantial return on investment. If your organization is committed to recouping the cost of SharePoint 2010 you should explore the possibility of implementing a training program for end users that includes video training content. You can either telephone us at +1 630-786-7026 or contact us via email with any questions you may have on this topic. We will be happy to provide you with some examples of how other organizations have successfully used our products to reduce desktop computing costs.

As ever, use this link to place an order for an annual subscription to SharePoint-Videos instructional content

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