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Utilizing SharePoint 2010 Lists and Libraries to Automatically store eMail Files and Messages Promises Substantial Benefits

Rehmani Consulting, Inc. offers an important video training course on Email enabling [SharePoint] Lists and Libraries Access to this video is restricted to our web site subscribers and customers who have purchased our SharePoint 2007 Site Admin and End User Training DVD.

We need to note that the techniques presented in this video cannot be performed in an Office 365 SharePoint environment. Further, the techniques are demonstrated to work in a SharePoint 2007 environment. As of the time of this post we are determining whether, or not, the same procedures apply to SharePoint 2010. Finally, these settings apply to incoming email messages — not outbound email messages.

What is important about the procedures demonstrated in this video is that, by setting up the process presented, the end user task of adopting a new procedure, which will make the unstructured data represented by text email messages, as well as the files appended to email messages that much more accessible by adding them into either SharePoint Lists or Libraries. a much easier and, in fact, largely transparent objective for the user.

The fact is that the type of substantial changes to ingrained, day to day work procedures that are required to realize the promise of SharePoint as an enterprise platform that can truly support panoramic exposure of structured and unstructured data, are almost insurmountable for end users. These tasks have to be automated as the vast majority of end users will not adopt radically different daily procedures.

As our tutorial demonstrates, this procedure, which is configured via the Central Administration settings, will automatically execute based upon settings which a SharePoint 2007 Farm administrator can certainly set. Further, we demonstrate how to configure specific lists and/or libraries for receipt of targeted incoming email. Therefore, the procedures constitute a total solution that elevates the entire process of exposing unstructured text email messages to business intelligence (BI) tools for SharePoint 2007 above the daily attention of end users. Therefore, we think the reliability and accuracy of this process will be very high.

It is very valuable for SharePoint personnel tasked with developing an information architecture that will extract the highest possible value from an enterprise’s investment in this software to identify video training classes like this one on email enabling SharePoint Lists and Libraries for their value as methods of overcoming barriers to end user adoption of the platform. If SharePoint is an important and strategic solution for your enterprise, you ought to look into whether or not it make sense to allocate resources to explore methods of automating important procedures typical of end user adoption of SharePoint. Certainly we can help you accomplish your objective. Please contact us. We will be happy to elaborate on the above with some concrete suggestions that will benefit your business. You can either telephone us at +1 630-786-7026 or contact us via email with any questions you may have about our video training set for SharePoint in the Cloud, or any topic related to either training content for SharePoint or training methods for individuals and/or enterprises.

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