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User training is an essential component to successful implementations of SharePoint

Some recent published predictions about probable spending for 2012 by global businesses and other large organizations on information technology training indicate an intention to reduce spending in this area. Further, these published predictions contend that some businesses have gone on record as having an intention to completely eliminate end user training. As we have written elsewhere in this blog, we think that these intentions are misguided. Further, we look to poorly planned technology implementations that have failed to deliver significant value to customers for the cause of these intentions. We hope that global businesses will reconsider these positions, especially when the technology being implemented includes Microsoft SharePoint.

End user training should be an essential component of any enterprise plan for SharePoint implementation if for no other reason than the fact that SharePoint has a multitude of potential applications and configurations. This ambidexterity has lead some to refer to SharePoint as a “swiss army knife” of software. Precisely for its character it should be inconcievable to think of dispensing, entirely with end user training. After all, if end users are not trained in a specific application for SharePoint that has been dictated by corporate governance, then what will they make of the software? Certainly one can consider SharePoint’s character as a true “catch 22”: leave it as is and few, if any will no what to do with it; study the software, institute governance and, finally, roll it out in production and face the need to train users. End of subject.

It is not the point of this post to restate earlier positions about the central role that value must play in all enterprise plans for SharePoint implementations. Rather, we simply state that the very best SharePoint Training option for end users, in particular, is to provision video tutorials locally (meaning in-context) to the SharePoint workspace. Further, end users should be completely empowered to access this SharePoint training, on demand, whenever processes require that users refer to training content. Provisioning this training can literally make or break the success of an otherwise promising implementation plan for SharePoint.

We are very proud of our end user training curricula for SharePoint. We are always open to a discussion opportunity, therefore if you would like to explore this topic at greater length, then we would welcome an opportunity to speak with you. Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to discuss this topic at greater length.

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