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Organizations Supporting a Mix of SharePoint Versions Benefit from Online Video Training Options

For organizations with a mix of SharePoint® server versions, group subscriptions to online video training content are a sensible method of providing administrators, developers, and systems architects with the technical training content they require to successfully support all SharePoint users.

One might ask “when does it make sense to support a mix of SharePoint server versions?” The best answer to this question is when a migration plan is still under consideration. In this scenario, the proof of concept still hasn’t been verified, so it doesn’t makes sense to move an entire organization over to a new server platform. Usually a test case will be designed to prove the correctness of a migration decision.

Group subscriptions to SharePoint-Videos.com are the best solution to these training needs. We only offer training content on SharePoint, so our library of video tutorials is more comprehensive than any other online repository of SharePoint technical training information (as of the date of this post, we publish in excess of 700 video tutorials exclusively on SharePoint). Our content can be used to support end users, administrators, or even groups of users working on specialized projects. With our group subscription offers, all of the content is available to all subscribers, all of the time.

We offer two types of group subscriptions — “Group ID” and “Multi-User”. The “Multi-User” subscription provides subscription administrators with usage statistics, by login ID, for as long as the most recent 6 months of the subscription term. Once subscription administrators can access subscription usage information, per subscriber, the job of demonstrating return on investment in a Multi-User subscription is simplified.

Another potentially valuable feature of our multi-user subscription is the ability administrators have to change login ID assignments. It makes sense to train smaller groups in new SharePoint computing procedures. So a multi-user subscription with “floating” login credentials make a lot of sense for organizations proving a migration concept.

In contrast, our Group ID subscriptions neither offer per user viewing statistics, nor re-assignable login IDs. But the cost of the subscription is less than the cost of our multi-user subscription offer.

If you need help choosing the right option, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ira Michael Blonder

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