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Multi User Subscriptions to Video Training Content for SharePoint Simplify Return on Investment Calculations

Multi user subscriptions to technical training content for SharePoint 2007, 2010, or even 2013 are a useful method of demonstrating return on investment in the computing platform. The type of multi user subscription we are referring to meets certain basic criteria:

  • Administrators can create unique login credentials for each user
  • Login Credentials can be recycled, as required
  • Usage statistics are maintained by the subscription system and are accessible to subscription administrators for review
  • Training content is context specific and available on demand from a team of subject matter experts
  • Training content is useful for several versions of SharePoint, including 2007, MOSS 207, 2010 and 2013

Rehmani Consulting, Inc. offers Multi-User subscriptions to SharePoint training content.

Our subscriptions meet all of the above criteria. All Multi-User subscriptions include a management console capable of providing unique login credentials on a per user basis. Our management consoles also provide administrators with access to usage statistics, by login credential, for 6 months of usage. These statistics itemize the training videos viewed, by user, by date, and include the amount of time spent on each of the videos. Our training assets are strictly in video tutorial format, which conforms best to context-specific usage, on demand. Finally, we presently publish over 600 video tutorials exclusively on SharePoint topics, which is likely to be the largest set of video content on this computing platform housed anywhere on line.

The usage statistics information can make a substantial contribution to efforts to demonstrate return on investment for SharePoint. Certainly implementation costs for all types of software implemented in an enterprise setting are under very close scrutiny. SharePoint stakeholders can include usage statistics to demonstrate “community fluency” on SharePoint topics and techniques. Demonstrating a pervasive understanding of SharePoint policies and procedures can be an important preliminary step in a process of estimating the efficiency of an overall SharePoint computing platform for a specific enterprise. Knowledgeable users certainly make greater use of software than their less familiar counterparts.

Ira Michael Blonder

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