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A Training Portal Can Be a Useful Feature of a SharePoint Adoption Strategy

The Productivity Hub is not available for SharePoint 2013, but SharePoint communities looking to add a training portal feature to a farm can incorporate the features required to deliver a lot of the benefits with our SharePoint End User Video Tutorial Sets.

It may be useful to describe where a training portal makes sense. After all, most of our content is attractive to SharePoint communities in need of an in-context, on demand system of exposing training content to SharePoint users. But we think it makes sense to build a training program for SharePoint users responsible for so-called “higher” level tasks: namely administrators and other users working on highly specialized tasks.

A training portal creates an “immersive” experience for users. Portal content is curated to provide a rich set of related assets to users who need to completely “dive” into a topic. For these users any distraction may be detrimental to their ability to assimilate the techniques they need to master to successfully perform their work in SharePoint. So for them a Training Portal makes a lot of sense.

Opting to build a training portal in a SharePoint 2013 implementation also provides stakeholders with, perhaps, a better method of collecting metrics on how frequently specific assets are utilized, by user, and/or by department or internal organization.

Our content, by itself, does not constitute a training portal. The portal has to be built. Many of our partners have the expertise required to build a training portal around our content. Fortunately SharePoint presents a number of ways of actually constructing the type of system required, meaning one capable of providing stakeholders with highly granular statistics on asset usage, by user. If you would like to learn more about how our content can be used to provide a lot of the benefits of the Productivity Hub, in a SharePoint 2013 computing environment, please contact us.

Ira Michael Blonder

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