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Use a Learning Management System (LMS) to Quantify the Value of Video Training for SharePoint

Rehmani Consulting Inc produces a set of tutorial videos on computer procedures for Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and 2010. Presently our set of training content for SharePoint in video format comprises over 400 titles. We cover topics like using Active Directory with SharePoint Server 2010, using Audience Targeting with SharePoint and countless more. Our intention is to serve the needs of users who need to quickly locate recorded video tutorials that communicate acknowledged best practices for SharePoint from a single source.

For enterprise business users it is often necessary to demonstrate the actual hard cost value of purchases for IT products and services. We have discussed the reasoning behind this trend in other posts to this blog. To put is simply, identifying actual savings returned by investments in this area of enterprise business procurement has been elusive. Simply put, IT products and services have failed to deliver clear value. Therefore, management has attempted, over the last several years to closely scrutinize purchases of IT products and services to quantify value.

Purchases of content and services for IT training are no exception to this rule. In order to provide the data required to demonstrate value delivered by IT training content, enterprise business customers can avail of a Learning Management System (LMS). A typical LMS will provide management with data about the following activities:

  • Content Usage by Employee/Department/Business Unit

Where a set of exercises and tests have been crafted as an accompaniment for learning content, a typical LMS will also provide data about:

  • the comparative level of content proficiency as a direct result of the use of training content by Employee/Department/Business Unit

When the training content in a typical LMS is comprised of instructional video content like our set, a useful method may be used to determine whether or not it makes sense to include in-person training opportunities, or not, in an enterprise business IT training planning for SharePoint. The catch here is to tightly coordinate exercises and tests with actual business procedures to determine the extent to which users have, or have not, assimilated the training required to correctly perform mandated procedures with SharePoint. If the coordination between exams and procedures is correctly coordinated, and test results indicate a high level of absorption of training content, then it typically makes sense to save an otherwise considerable expense with regard to procuring in person training resources for an organization.

We are keen on discussing whether or not implementing an LMS makes sense for an enterprise business that has opted to look to Sharepoint Server 2010 for an important (or even mission critical) business role. Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us to further a discussion about your interest. We are always keen to learn topics of interest to you.

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