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Use a Hybrid combination of On Premises SharePoint and Office 365 to Bring Enterprise Users to the Cloud

Enterprise business users have many reasons to very slowly approach the cloud computing opportunity. Not the least of these is a preference on the part of Information Technology management to go “on premises” wherever possible. This preference has been cultivated consistently over the years, dating back to the first efforts at equipping enterprise class business with data centers. Market leaders will do well to respect the trepidation of this important class of SharePoint users.

Through the publication of a white paper by Paul Robinson, Microsoft Services, United Kingdom, Hybrid SharePoint Environments with Office 365 Microsoft has provided some significant content to support a gentle, but persuasive “nudge” for enterprise class SharePoint users to judiciously add cloud computing, where it makes sense, to their list of acceptable work spaces for SharePoint. This nudge is effected by Mr. Williams’ tacit acknowledgement that it clearly makes sense for some businesses to maintain SharePoint on premises while adding a cloud computing component via Office 365; after all, the title of the paper is “Hybrid SharePoint Environments with Office 365”.

The paper is crafted as a best practices guide, complete with lists, by business process type, of those SharePoint implementations that will benefit from the addition of a cloud computing work space and those that will not. As well, the paper deftly and succinctly distills the multiple capabilities of SharePoint 2010 into six broad areas (Sites, Communities, Composites, Insights, Content and Search). Finally, the paper paints the likely landscape of hybrid SharePoint computing, with regard to access, reuse of core tools (including templates and the overall user interface) between on premises SharePoint and SharePoint in the cloud, and even licensing.

The paper also provides a rich set of topics that partners can successfully leverage to open important and substantive discussions with clients who are seriously considering a move to the cloud on top of on premises SharePoint. We offer the video training content required to empower users who opt for hybrid work spaces for SharePoint with the procedures and techniques they require to successfully construct a working hybrid SharePoint environment. The depth of our content is very deep with regards to InfoPath 2010, Building Workflows with SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010 and Branding. If you would like to hear more about how our video training can be applied to bolster SharePoint adoption for your business as you contemplate a move towards hybrid computing with SharePoint, then please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to elaborate with additional suggested videos and specific tips.

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