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Training End Users to Use SharePoint 2010 Regularly and Successfully Should be an Imperative for IT Organizations

Training end users to use SharePoint 2010 regularly, and successfully, should be an imperative for IT organizations. Rehmani Consulting, Inc. offers a comprehensive set of video training, which is specifically targeted to support a wide range of end users. For example, our SharePoint 2010 Training Courses cover the full range of daily computer operations that most end users working with SharePoint 2010 will, likely, have to face. Therefore, these sets represent an excellent opportunity for the right organizations within an enterprise to implement a solution that will deliver consistently positive results, and cost savings with regard to SharePoint 2010 support.

The most recent study on SharePoint implementation across enterprise businesses and other large organizations in the public sector, published by the Association for Information and Image Management, International (AIIM), “The SharePoint Puzzle – Adding the Missing Pieces”, indicates that the majority of SharePoint implementations are initiated by IT, rather than by business line units. Further, the burden of support and development for SharePoint falls back onto IT. Therefore, we think that IT should ensure that end users are thoroughly and successfully trained to use SharePoint 2010. Should their efforts succeed, then SharePoint 2010 can be established, truly, as a mission-critical application for an enterprise. This success will more than justify IT’s decision to implement SharePoint 2010. The alternative outcome, a failure, should be an unacceptable outcome given the role IT usually takes with regards to these implementations and avoided at any cost.

Our product VisualSP represent a substantial step forward with regards to improving the usability of training content for SharePoint 2010 end users. As we have noted in earlier posts to this blog, we listened carefully to the opinions of notable information architects with regards to how best provision training content for end users. As well, we implemented modern technical training theory to position content entirely within the context of a SharePoint 2010 work environment and, thereby, encourage self management on the part of these end users who, we feel, will likely do a better job of problem solving prior to reaching out to IT for support. Finally, the training content is entirely comprised of recorded computer procedures with human voice over from a SharePoint subject matter expert (SME) which, once again, conforms to modern technical training best practices that call for an emphasis on content that encourages behavioral modeling on the part of the student.

The combination of our complex and all encompassing training content for SharePoint 2010 with our VisualSP delivery method represents a solution for hastening end user adoption that, we believe, should be on the short list of every IT organization responsible for SharePoint operation. If, in fact, an IT organization is truly committed to equipping end users with a training system that will lead to pervasive adoption of the SharePoint computer processing environment, then there is no reason not to consider our offer.

If your IT organization understands the importance of end user training, as well as the role that training must play within an overall program that promises to deliver pervasive adoption of SharePoint, then we welcome an opportunity to discuss our products with them. Please contact us by telephone at +1 (630) 786-7026. Alternatively, you can contact us by email with any questions you may have about individual as well as organizational-level SharePoint training.

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