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To Deliver Optimum Results It Makes Sense to Incorporate End User Training as a Component Within a Governance Solution for SharePoint

In our experience, it is difficult for enterprise organizations to conceptualize the optimum benefit that can be realized from an implementation of any of our SharePoint-Videos dot com SharePoint 2010 Training Courses, let alone our revolutionary, in-context, on-demand access solution, VisualSP, independent of a governance plan for SharePoint that demonstrates how SharePoint computing procedures can be implemented to ensure the attainment of business objectives.

In other words, if an organization has not reached a consensus that a defined set of SharePoint procedures will be implemented in order to deliver on business requirements and, further, that specific personnel within an organizations will have the responsibility to perform discrete, but complementary procedures to deliver on objectives, it rarely makes sense for an organization to seriously consider the type of technical training required by end users to successfully complete their required procedures.

Fortunately, we are seeing an increasing number of organizations establish internal information architecture roles, specifically for SharePoint, These architects have a mandate to draft and, subsequently, implement governance plans for SharePoint as an enterprise application. Usually, our conversations with individuals in these roles are more meaningful, perhaps as a direct result of the fact that they fully understand that prescribed guidelines as to how procedures are to be performed cannot be properly followed prior to providing personnel (who will be responsible for these procedures) with meaningful training.

Of course, for organizations that have not, as of yet, created a SharePoint governance plan, but, nevertheless, feel the pain that results from a lack of such a plan, there is also an opportunity for us to engage in meaningful conversation, albeit conversation that will likely shed light on the fact that drafting and implementing a governance plan for SharePoint ought to be a very high priority and, in all likelihood, a preliminary that will need to be completed before substantive conversations about technical training can take place.

We welcome opportunities to engage with organizations who need to provide a technical method to their SharePoint 2010 governance plan as well as organizations suffering from the lack of value (not to mention lack of return on investment) that often accompanies unbridled SharePoint activity. Rehmani Consulting, Inc. is very well qualified to consult with organizations at either stage. Please contact us by telephone at +1 (630) 786-7026. Alternatively, you can contact us by email with any questions you may have about individual as well as organizational-level SharePoint training.

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