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The Increasing Importance of Providing Training for SharePoint Users with Limited Permissions

As enterprise business groups who have opted to build Solutions around SharePoint Server 2010 tighten governance policies more attention will need to be devoted to SharePoint users with limited permissions. Usually these users are referred to as “readers.” In fact, fewer users will have the permissions required to put up sites; therefore more training will have to be provided for otherwise mundane SharePoint activities like search and navigating between SharePoint sites.

SharePoint-Videos offers the most comprehensive set of instructional video content on an ever increasing range of codeless development opportunities for Microsoft SharePoint. Once these processes and features have been built out, SharePoint business owners need to lobby with IT to ensure that easily accessible training content is available to readers and other SharePoint users with limited permissions in an easily accessible manner. We think that the most accessible solution for this class of user (who has little if any interest in SharePoint beyond a simple need to locate training content to perform a specific function) are short video tutorials that properly emphasize computer operations that will correctly deliver required objectives.

These short video tutorials should be provisioned in local surroundings, meaning directly within SharePoint, usually in a SharePoint sub site. For business groups from heavily regulated industries that opt to build required computing solutions on SharePoint, video tutorial content may have to be added to an LMS and, typically, a SCORM Conformant LMS. The benefits of utilizing an LMS for provisioning training content include a means of ascertaining rates of access to specific pieces of training content by employee for compliance reporting purposes. As an added benefit, this compliance data can prove useful to determine SharePoint activities that ought to receive the most attention from a training perspective.

Rehmani Consulting is interested in learning more about requirements for video training content for SharePoint for readers. As we have just noted, we envision an expanding requirement for training about using SharePoint to accomplish day to day activities, in tandem with enforcement of a tighter governance policy. We think that all of this is for the greater good. After all, once SharePoint has been implemented for mission critical activities like compliance reporting, then more attention can be paid to the task of hastening adoption of the platform as a friendly, effective tool by SharePoint users with limited permissions who, nevertheless, will grow into the group that constitutes the majority of users.

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