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Successfully Reducing SharePoint TCO with Training Still Eludes Most Users

As noted on a web page for the State of Vermont that lists SharePoint training resources “there is an enormous amount of SharePoint content on You Tube. Content is from users groups, consultants, training providers and other sources”. Further, this web page cites additional free training resources available directly from Microsoft, including SharePoint training and Productivity hub. Finally, the web page suggests that inquirers might simply “Google” a question as past history indicates a high likelihood that “you will get all kinds of hits and potentially useful information”.

If we are to believe the information provided by the web page from the State of Vermont, then how do we get to the conclusion reached in a White Paper, “SharePoint Census 2011: State of the Market” by Osterman Research (sponsored by Azaleos) that two of the three key inhibitors to SharePoint Adoption are:

  1. Insufficient end user training and user familiarity with SharePoint and
  2. Lack of SharePoint administration skills, training, and knowledge

The study notes that “nearly half” (!) of survey respondents “ranked end user unfamiliarity with SharePoint as the most significant dampener to the efficient use of SharePoint. SharePoint requires a different way of approaching work and collaborating with others, and unless appropriate user training is offered, efforts will stall. This has increased in importance over the past two years.” Of course, these training centric obstacles to efficient use of SharePoint contribute to the observation made in the study that “[t]he cost of managing SharePoint is not decreasing, despite greater penetration of the platform in organizations that are using it and the expected improvements in economies of scale that normally come from the increased penetration of a technology.”

Where is the disconnect in this story? How do we get from an environment that is full of readily available training resources, many of which are available at little or no cost, to a pervasive lack of training within the SharePoint User community? Further, how does lack of training become the biggest obstacle to SharePoint adoption?

Rehmani Consulting believes that SharePoint training resources are useless if not specifically linked to business processes as they have been redesigned within SharePoint. In other words, teaching SharePoint procedures independent of business procedures will not work if business procedures have been redesigned within SharePoint. A more effective approach is to instruct end users from the perspective of the redesigned business procedures via an ample number of always available, specific SharePoint procedural tutorials. SharePoint-Videos.com offers a voluminous collection of SharePoint instruction in video format, which lends itself very well to inclusion is specific training tracks built around business processes. If you would like to hear more about how our video training can be applied to bolster SharePoint adoption for your business, then please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to elaborate with additional suggested videos and specific tips.

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