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Steps in SharePoint Workflows can be Crafted to Satisfy Governance Requirements for LOB Procedures

Rehmani Consulting, Inc offers comprehensive video training content on building workflows with SharePoint Designer 2010. Over the last 3 posts to this blog we have discussed a video training presentation by Asif Rehmani, SharePoint MVP and President of our company, on an end to end process using InfoPath 2010 for forms and Visio 2010 and SharePoint Designer 2010 for Workflows.

We think that the most important takeaway for Line of Business (LOB) SharePoint users who are in need of an automated method of articulating governance within computing procedures designed, implemented, and managed within SharePoint 2010 is to build require that these components always be accompanied with workflows. In fact, key aspects of governance for specific procedures (for example, identifying LOB organizational owners for specific procedures like travel expense reimbursement) are easily incorporated into process design within the layout of InfoPath forms. Merely by adding the names of specific managers to a list of recipients the actual process owners can be included in the approval process for reimbursement requests. Further, by specifying a calendar date window within which requests will be eligible for approval, workflow designers can ensure that reimbursement for expenses incurred by staff only takes place within appropriate fiscal months, quarters, etc. Finally, by including any verbiage that may be required by compliance organizations directly within the design of the form, itself, LOB organizations can obtain the assurance they require that requests adhere to strict organizational guidelines, and that recipients of reimbursement funds accept any related terms and/or conditions that may be mandated by corporate policy. We are hopeful that LOB organizations, once apprised of all the details about the usefulness of SharePoint workflows as a method of articulating and supporting corporate governance, will look to widen adoption of this feature.

We think, further, that Visio 2010 is an important component of an optimized SharePoint workflow system. Visio is particularly useful as a means of incorporating business logic into workflow design. Further, we think that the graphical strength of Visio as a flowcharting and process design tool should be a component of all SharePoint workflow design. In fact, laying out an automated process graphically provides workflow designers with a useful vantage point on the flow of the procedure. Finally, by building workflows in Visio and then exporting them to SharePoint Designer, the actual steps incorporated within the workflow are preserved should needs arise to rebuild them subsequent to server crashes, etc.

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