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SharePoint-Videos to Present VisualSP, a Help System for SharePoint in a Webinar Scheduled for September 4, 2014

On September 4, 2014, SharePoint-Videos will use a webinar to present VisualSP, a help system for SharePoint.

Our help system may be a solution for organizations looking to provide communities of SharePoint users with the tools they require to successfully accomplish the SharePoint computing tasks required of them. By empowering these users to manage themselves, our customers, who have implemented one of the versions of VisualSP we offer, acquire a set of benefits including:

  • Better support for SharePoint users with fewer personnel
  • Higher levels of user satisfaction with SharePoint as a computing platform, and, therefore, higher levels of user adoption of SharePoint computing
  • Higher levels of efficiency for office automation processes built with SharePoint. Users do more with SharePoint, and, thereby, develop less of an appetite for additional applications, which may represent additional expenses for an organization to implement

Our customers acquire these benefits, broadly speaking, from two features of our help system:

  1. VisualSP exposes help content (videos, documents, slide sets, images, spreadsheets, etc) to users directly from a SharePoint 2010, 2013, or SharePoint Online ribbon. By providing users with in-context access to SharePoint training aids the unique behavior pattern of SharePoint end users (personnel who are not dedicated to SharePoint, but who are asked to perform tasks in a SharePoint computing environment) receives optimum support, and can be nurtured into a healthy condition favorable for SharePoint adoption
  2. The unique nature of SharePoint training content included with VisualSP, for example, its short, to-the-point video tutorials, has been shown (in training research studies available upon request) to be best suited for on-demand access by users. In other words, this content does not require synchronous coordination of users and trainers. Rather, the training content includes all of the necessary components for user consumption with an absolute minimum requirement for support personnel to be involved.

As our customers achieve the benefits of these two sets of features support teams can be used for the mission-critical break/fix work for which they are usually implemented. At the same time, the “how to” work end users struggle with is better served via the self-management atmosphere of VisualSP.

We invite all of our readers to attend this webinar. Please visit GoToMeeting to sign up for Context Sensitive SharePoint Help and Training for End Users.

Ira Michael Blonder

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