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SharePoint Stakeholders Concerned with Data Security Should Look to an On Premise Solution for End User Training

SharePoint stakeholders considering a solution for end user training should address the question of how best to provide these users with access to training content. Making the right choice between online, and on premise locations will be very important. The importance of making the right choice is especially urgent where an organization is sensitive to online data security.

We offer a help system for SharePoint, VisualSP. The video tutorial training content, documents, images, etc, which we include with our product are a ll designed to be installed on premises. So any organization requiring a solution for end user training suitable for a local, on premises solution
should consider our offer.

It certainly makes sense to consider an on premise option in 2014. Frequently the public is made aware of yet another successful malicious exploit of a prominent cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS) offer. SharePoint stakeholders should very carefully weigh the pros and cons of providing internal users with access to remote, public websites offering repositories of training content. We are not saying these sites are inherently insecure. We are simply saying the task of managing security for these sites is becoming increasingly challenging as the volume of successful malicious attacks increases.

The new App Development model for SharePoint 2013, as I have written earlier in this blog, has been designed to completely isolate SharePoint server from any unknown custom application, which, despite being carefully planned and built, may, in fact, end up creating difficulties for optimum server performance — including threats to data security. We think it makes sense, in the same spirit, to repose any/all training content for SharePoint in local document libraries.

If your organization is currently grappling with how best to service the needs of end users so they can successfully perform daily computing tasks in SharePoint, then we would certainly like to hear from you. Please contact us, we will be happy to discuss this topic with you.

Ira Michael Blonder

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