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SharePoint Site Collection Administration Becomes an Easier Process with Training

A lot of SharePoint functionality — regardless of the server version — is available at the site collection level. But site collection administrators are often selected at the department level, often will little attention to the level of technical understanding an individual may bring to the task. So training SharePoint site collection administrators makes sense.

We offer a site collection administrator training set for SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2010 Site Collection Administrator Training Course. This course is authored by Asif Rehmani, a widely published author on SharePoint topics, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and SharePoint Most Valuable Player (MVP).

Perhaps it would be helpful to consider the type of difficulties SharePoint site collection administrators encounter when faced with the need to select the right way to perform a task in SharePoint. Just yesterday I was working with our SharePoint 2010 environment and wanted to demonstrate how to add a webpart page for one of our existing customers. The problem is there are multiple ways to add a webpart page, at the level of site collection administrator, to a site collection in SharePoint 2010.

We don’t think it makes much sense for site collection administrators to have to search for the right procedure to successfully accomplish their tasks in SharePoint. They may end up finding an ill advised method of accomplishing a task, which can become a source of future problems. So it makes much more sense for them to have access, precisely when they need it (in other words on demand) to industry best practices for SharePoint to make sure they “stay on the right track” and minimize the risk of future problems. It’s even better when those same industry best practices are presented by an acknowledged subject matter expert and published author on related topics like Asif Rehmani. Of course, video tutorials are the best way to build all of these points into a training tool easily consumed by even otherwise non-technical users, like many SharePoint site collection administrators.

Ira Michael Blonder

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