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SharePoint Designer 2010 Tutorials Deliver High Value

SharePoint Designer 2010 delivers substantially higher value –at little to no risk– than earlier versions of this product. Not only is it safe to utilize SharePoint Designer 2010 for web site branding requirements, but this product can also be utilized to build workflows and much more.

Rehmani Consulting offers a rich set of SharePoint Designer 2010 Tutorials. We cover a wide range of topics with video instruction which can be reviewed as often as required to ensure that techniques have been mastered. On demand availability is a unique feature of recorded video instruction that should not be overlooked when alternative training options are under consideration for SharePoint Designer 2010. Just consider that classes do not need to be scheduled, notes need not be taken, when instruction is forthcoming from recorded video tutorials installed on computers and available online, either from the Internet or from a corporate Intranet. Ease of access is definitely a strong suite for video tutorial training.

Another unique feature is the fact that video training content can be utilized within the context of the workspace for SharePoint Designer 2010. There is no need to juggle the task of reading pointers from a user manual while navigating steps on screen. Rather, the instruction, itself is available on screen in the form of screen shots that directly correspond to the look and feel for the user interface for SharePoint Designer 2010. Therefore, we find that it is easier for students to absorb techniques from video instruction than is the case when a rich set of screen shots are not available.

Our video tutorial collection can be deployed as a supplement to instructor led training. In fact, combining a purchase of our SharePoint Designer 2010 tutorials with a purchase of an instructor led class will undoubtedly add considerable value to an overall training plan for this software. Keep in mind that we utilize universally recognized techniques. As well, our authors are all experts in their respective fields of expertise. With repeatable video tutorials on hand it is much more likely that students will retain the important points communicated by instructor led training.

Please do review our various SharePoint Video Tutorial Subscription Options. As well, please check out our DVDs for use by single users. These Video Training Collections for SharePoint may be just the ticket for your training needs.

We also offer corporate subscriptions for global businesses and other large organizations of literally any size. If you want to explore how SharePoint Designer 2010 can deliver great value to SharePoint, then please do contact us to discuss your interests. You may either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to elaborate.

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