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Subscribers to SharePoint-Videos Can Now Track Their Progress Through Courses of Training

One of the challenges of self paced training is finding the inspiration to continue through a set of learning objectives. A lot of research has shown positive reinforcement to be the best method of providing individuals with the momentum they need to attain difficult objectives like this one. The best way of delivering positive reinforcement is through an award system.

All of us at SharePoint-Videos are pleased to announce the addition of a curricula tracking system for all of the content on SharePoint-Videos.

Our system works as follows: any subscriber accessing any one of the 852 video tutorials exclusively on SharePoint, as of June 11, 2014, will now find what I refer to as a “curation pointer” in the text to be found just above the video player on each of our tutorial pages. The following is an example of one of these “curation pointers”: “Access 2013 App mechanism: An overview on the process of design, publishing and execution of an Access App. View the entire course at SP 13-307 SharePoint 2013: Enterprise Forms.” The italicized, bolded text, is the pointer.

Behind each of these pointers, is a set of courses. These courses have been organized to include all of the content on our site. Just below the video viewer on each of our tutorial pages, our subscribers will now find a control to manage completion of courses: “Have you completed this unit? Then mark this unit as completed.”, which is immediately followed by a button, which the subscriber can click to record completion of the specific course in the curriculum.

Just below these “course completion controls” are two buttons which serve as breadcrumbs. The first button will take our subscriber back to the prior lesson in the curriculum, while the second button will serve up the next class.

As subscribers complete the various courses in a curriculum, they are building up momentum toward the final objective for the course: meaning viewing the final video in the set. Once this last video has been reviewed (and, ideally, mastered) our subscribers have the option of marking the entire curriculum complete and even printing out a certificate of completion!

We don’t have any exams in our curricula. The point with video training content like any of our tutorials is to provide the user with an opportunity to revisit training content as often as required. So we don’t see the need for exams. But there is no reason why an administrator of one of our Group ID, or Multi-User subscriptions could not implement one.

We would welcome any thoughts any of our subscribers may have about this new feature — just let us know.

Ira Michael Blonder

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