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An Optimum Solution for SharePoint Training Should Include In-Person and On Demand, and In-Context Components

On Monday, March 3, 2014, at SharePoint Conference 2014, SharePoint-Videos.com and Critical Path Training will announce a joint effort — Full Life-Cycle SharePoint Training. This program is an example of what I would call an optimum solution for SharePoint training, meaning one which combines an in-person component, along with an appropriate set of video training content accessible, by the student, on an on demand basis, within a SharePoint work context.

Interested readers can learn more about the intention of this joint marketing program on a web page on the Critical Path web site titled Full Life-Cycle SharePoint Training.

An in-person, immersive training experience like any of the classes offered by Critical Path Training is particularly useful for SharePoint Administrators, Developers, Architects and even stakeholders. This class of user usually works directly with SharePoint as an application. In contrast, SharePoint end users work directly with specific business roles and adopt SharePoint as a preferred computing method to successfully accomplish their daily computing tasks, but not much more.

An immersive training experience makes sense for the first class of users I describe, above, but the second class benefits much more from video training content made available in-context, within a SharePoint workspace.

What our Full Life-Cycle SharePoint Training offer does is to provide the first class of SharePoint users with a highly useful method of refreshing important training content, along with a solution for the second class of users, to whom they must provide services. In this scenario, the Full Life-Cycle SharePoint Training solution we’ve announced, along with Critical Path Training, can be successfully used to lower the costs of supporting large communities of SharePoint end users.

As well, our VisualSP Help System for SharePoint can also be equipped with specialized sets of video training content on many of the same topics covered by Critical Path classes.

If you’d like to learn more about our joint effort, please contact us.

Ira Michael Blonder

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