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Working with Web Parts in SharePoint Server 2013

Web parts should be added to SharePoint Server 2013 when functionality is required for pages and even features. In some cases this functionality can be added from out of the box web parts shipped with SharePoint Server 2013. In other cases a custom web part will be required to deliver the capability required.

Yaroslav Pentsarskyy, an acknowledged subject matter expert and published author on SharePoint topics, has created a video tutorial, Building Web Parts. This tutorial is intended for an audience of SharePoint administrators and developers. This video will be included in a specialized training set, which we will soon release to the public. In the meantime, the video can be watched by anyone with a subscription to our web site.

The techniques demonstrated in the video require some coding with Visual Studio. The objective is to present a method of inserting custom .NET code into a SharePoint solution.

Nevertheless, this video does include some useful screenshots for anyone looking to simply insert an out of the box web part onto a page in SharePoint Server 2013. We demonstrate how the process of editing a page with the browser can be used to identify the specific areas of the page configured to accept web parts, and, then, how to use the ribbon to explore all of the categories of out of the box web parts, and specific entries within them.

The video includes a look at the structure of web parts (in other words, their components and how they are organized with SharePoint Server 2013). The “.webpart file” is covered in some detail. The presentation, as we mentioned at the start of this post, is very much tailored for a developer audience comfortable with visual coding, etc. Yaroslav points out how the presentation and logic of a web part can be represented within the .webpart file, to point to the actual hard code behind it.

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