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Using the SharePoint Server 2013 App Model to Manage Consistent Enterprise Branding

Large organizations in the public and private sector usually have lots of internal groups. Implementing SharePoint Server 2013 can produce a challenging management requirement: how do we ensure a consistent brand across all of our internal SharePoint sites? The SharePoint App model can be successfully used to accomplish this management objective.

In a video tutorial titled Packaging SharePoint 2013 branding as an app, Yaroslav Pentsarskyy, subject matter expert and published author, demonstrates how custom branding can be packaged as apps for SharePoint sites.

As Yaroslav points out in this video tutorial, availing of this option can also contribute to a meaningful reduction in the human labor cost of building SharePoint sites conforming to specific guidelines. The alternative is to ask internal departments, or, IT, to build these sites with SharePoint Designer 2013, and other tools, according to strict guidelines. Not only does this option present a risk of human error, but also a cost for the personnel and time required to actually produce acceptable sites. In contrast, once the customization is available as an app, it can be distributed, as required, to each internal organization with merely an instruction to add the app to achieve conformance with corporate branding requirements.

But there is a cost associated with building the app package. Visual Studio 2012 and Office 2013 Developer tools will be required to build the app, along with the human expertise to use them to produce the app. So developers will be needed. Depending on whether or not internal personnel (with the required skills to successfully use these tools to produce a working app) can be tasked with this project, it may make sense to plan on some consulting costs to produce the app. But any consulting costs should be manageable, once distributed across the size of an organization and the number of internal groups, to reflect a considerable cost savings over alternate methods.

This video should be on the list of anyone looking for methods to hasten SharePoint adoption for enterprise organizations.

Ira Michael Blonder

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