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Using Microsoft Project 2013 with SharePoint 2013 to Manage Projects

It makes sense for organizations implementing a formal management function for projects to understand how to obtain best results from an implementation of Microsoft Project Server 2013 and SharePoint Server 2013. There is an inherent cost for usage licenses for both systems. So carefully managing where/how/who decisions can deliver substantial savings to organizations willing to make the effort.

Dux Raymond Sy, SharePoint MVP, PMP, and author of SharePoint 2010: Project Management presents an overview of some important features of Microsoft Project Server 2013 not available from SharePoint Server 2013. This presentation is titled Maximize Project 2013 and is offered as a video tutorial in our course SP-13-302 SharePoint 2013: Project Management course. This course can be taken by anyone with a subscription to SharePoint-Videos.com. This course on using SharePoint Server 2013 for a project management effort is also available for purchase for local use.

Within the context of Dux’s project management course, Microsoft Project 2013 is required if it is necessary to portray “dependencies” within a project timeline. “Dependencies” are tasks upon which other tasks depend. For example, if a project overview must be made, then a review of the problem at hand must be completed before the overview can be made. So a project plan designed to depict the relationship between tasks will need to present the problem review as a “dependency”.

Viewers interested in seeing a demonstration of the Gantt Tasks Chart in Microsoft Project 2013 will want to watch this video, as Dux demonstrates how dependencies can be added to a project plan. He also demonstrates some of the auto completion features of Project 2013 with regard to scheduling dates on a business week basis. This presentation also provides a look at the Project 2013 Timeline and how to graphically brand it. Finally, this presentation gives Dux an opportunity to demonstrate how Lync can be used to provide simultaneous views to several project team members of the same plan.

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