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There is Ample Room for Client Server Development in the New SharePoint App Development Model

Contrary to popular assumption, there is ample room for .net developers using Visual Studio to build processes for SharePoint Server 2013 with the new App model. The method of choice for this type of development is the Client Side Object Model (CSOM). Steve Fox, Director of Services for Microsoft® authored a video tutorial titled Using the Client-Side Object Model in SharePoint 2013. This video is available for unlimited viewing to anyone with a valid subscription to SharePoint-Videos.com.

I think it’s important to promote this opportunity. Certainly the SharePoint 2013 App architecture is built to isolate client and server components. This isolation makes sense in a public cloud computing environment with many businesses opting for multi-tenant offers for application serving.

JavaScript is also a very attractive programming language for this new App model. But the applications of this language to the task of putting together Apps is sufficiently differentiated from the applications of the same language to branding requirements to be a very different story, altogether. So there is nothing to impede developers with extensive experience building applications with CSOM from creating powerful, highly useful Apps for SharePoint 2013.

Simply looking into the jQuery library, which is, itself, a comprehensive API, should suffice to set any developers mind to rest on this question.

Regardless of why an organization opts to consider SharePoint 2013 App development as a best course of action, the range of capabilities is likely to be much wider than an average developer, on the surface, would assume to be the case. I also need to note the usefulness of Visual Studio 2012 as a superior IDE for the development task.

Therefore, we hope more .net developers and other developers with a deep familiarity with CSOM will look into the SharePoint 2013 App model and begin to explore opportunities to apply their expertise to the growing set of requirements for this type of systems development.

Ira Michael Blonder

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