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Streamlining Project Management Tasks with SharePoint 2013

A project site built with SharePoint 2013 can accomodate users collaborating on a project management requirement from differing operating systems. In a video tutorial titled Streamline Drag and Drop, Dux Raymond Sy, PMP, SharePoint MVP and published author demonstrates the ease with which project management teams can store files and other project assets, simply using drag and drop procedures. In the video, Dux uses a Mac computer running the OS X operating system. Regardless, he is able to highlight selected files with the Mac Finder and simply drag them into a shared library on a project team site.

This simple and direct process Dux demonstrates is certainly more appealing to users unlikely to have the time, nor the interest to learn the ins and outs of permissions, setting up libraries and uploading files. As Dux notes in the video, Drag and drop will not transfer any content columns from the originating system to the shared document library in the SharePoint project site. A manual process, including creating the column from the SharePoint 2013 ribbon, and then adding specific information for the new column for each item in the library, will be required. So, if you have a very large set of files to be loaded into a shared document library in SharePoint 2013 you may want to add the documents one at a time as the drag and drop method will not save you much time at all.

This video also presents the new preview feature of SharePoint 2013. Dux illustrates how hovering over a document with one’s mouse can save some time as there will be no need to open a desktop application (for example, Microsoft Word) to review the document. So this video tutorial is all about how to save time adding project artifacts to a project site in SharePoint 2013.

Ira Michael Blonder

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