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SharePoint Server 2013 Hosted Apps

Apps are a new method for developing processes for Microsoft Office components, including SharePoint 2013. Perhaps no feature of Apps, as a development option, has greater promise to deliver value than portability. On paper, Apps can run on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. So, with enterprise organizations of all types rapidly opening opportunities for personnel to partake of mobile computing options and BYOD, it makes sense for administrators, developers and other SharePoint 2013 stakeholders to closely consider this development method.

We’ve published a course on SharePoint 2013 Development methods. This course is authored by Yaroslav Pentsarskyy, a SharePoint MVP, subject matter expert and published author on development topics. One of the tutorials in this collection, SharePoint Hosted Apps.

The opening of this video tutorial includes a list of important indications administrators can use to determine whether or not it makes sense to produce applications as Apps. One of these, “When You like to provide users with the flexibility of deployment with involving IT on ad-hoc basis”. Clearly this indication will make sense for Line of Business (LoB) units. These LoBs are often frustrated when they have to defer immediate implementation of new technology. This condition usually arises when IT resources are spread thin. So the App model does promise to support the evolution of enterprise computing into something more distributed, something more useful for these same LoBs, who will be able to rapidly implement technology in App form.

On the other hand, enterprise IT organizations will not likely need to worry about these Apps. As Yaroslav also points out in the opening seconds of this video, another indicator of development requirements best handled with Apps is “[w]hen your solution can be implemented purely with JavaScript (and optionally SharePoint JS Object Model)”. In fact, applications written in Dot Net cannot be packaged as Apps. Therefore, the security risk (on paper) should be much less intimidating for Enterprise IT.

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