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SharePoint 2013: Project 2013 Is Now Available for Unlimited Local Viewing By Individuals and Groups

On Friday, December 6, 2013, Rehmani Consulting, Inc. added a course titled SharePoint 2013: Project 2013 DVD. The instructor for this set of video tutorials is a widely known SharePoint MVP and published author — Dux Raymond Sy. This tutorial set is available for purchase by individuals and groups for unlimited local viewing. The content is delivered by secure download.

Perhaps there is no better application of SharePoint Server 2013 than to support project management activities. The SharePoint 2013 newsfeeds, out of the box task lists, team site templates, all lend themselves to project management applications. So this set of courses may be of interest to SharePoint stakeholders looking for an attractive method of extracting the value from a potentially costly implementation of this computing platform.

SharePoint 2013 and Project 2013 (which runs on the SharePoint 2013 Server) are applications organizations can implement to heighten the efficiency of projects. Of course, narrowing the gap between planned and actual expenditures will benefit the bottom line. Once teams are trained to use the features of Project 2013 to store steps in the implementation of specific project plans, then business intelligence (BI) tools (often referred to as analytics) can be brought in to measure team performance and to highlight areas where improvements can be made.

Our VisualSP help system for SharePoint can certainly be used to expose this training set to project teams spread out across an organization. Our pre-configured set of Scopes for VisualSP include, for example, tasks lists, so there is no reason why specific tutorials from this training set on task list topics cannot be added to our system.

The benefit of using our system to expose a set of “higher level” technical training content directly to project team members from a SharePoint 2013 ribbon is to empower users with the same capabilities end users of our system enjoy — namely retrieving context-specific training content, on demand for repetitive viewing until techniques are mastered. Once project teams are equipped with this “real time” learning option, their quality of their performance will likely improve, as well.

Ira Michael Blonder

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