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Setting Up SharePoint Server 2013 for a Test Environment

In a video that take less than 7 minutes to watch, Asif Rehmani, SharePoint MVP and MCT demonstrates how to configure and install SharePoint Server 2013 in a test environment. Our new video tutorial, Creating a SharePoint 2013 testing environment – Part 5 – Installing and configuring SharePoint Server 2013 demonstrates the steps required to configure and set up SharePoint Server 2013. The key takeaways in this video are as follows:

  • By selecting “Install Software Prerequisites” the set up program will automatically download all of the components required to support the installation of the server
  • Internet access is required to download all of the prerequisites. If you have followed the previous videos in this series, you should enable security over the Windows 2008 R2 network and activate the firewall prior to proceeding on this step
  • Once the installation wizard process is completed, the configuration wizard runs automatically. You will need the database user name and password set up for the SQL Server 2012 installation discussed in earlier videos in this series
  • The option to “Create a New Server Farm” is selected in the video tutorial on this topic and may be the right option for your installation
  • Be sure to retain whatever passphrase you choose to enter for the “Specify Farm Security Seettings” configuration. You will need it for any other servers that you want to add to the farm at a later time
  • NTLM should work find as the authentication protocol
  • As an added security measure, the port number for the Central Administration web page should be changed from the port number populated into the configuration form
  • Asif Rehmani recommends that a manual configuration option be selected for the farm configuration. A new managed account should be created to manage the farm services
  • Be sure to select only the services that you will need to have running for your testing. SharePoint Server 2013 performance can be degraded if too many services are running. In this video we disable Access Services as well as App Management Services (though Asif Rehmani notes that App Services will be enabled later)

Once the services selected for the new farm have been installed, configured and enabled the installation and configuration of SharePoint Server 2013 is complete.

Ira Michael Blonder

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