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Managing Documents in SharePoint 2013 My Sites

SharePoint 2013 My Sites includes a set of features to support the “personal” side of this computing platform. In a video tutorial titled Managing Documents in My Site Asif Rehmani notes: “Document management at a personal level, for an individual, happens at the My Site of SharePoint.” Individuals need to be familiar with how to manage access to the documents they store in My Site. This video demonstrates some important procedures.

The theme for most of the operations required is “easy.” Most of the manual effort is removed from the process by SharePoint 2013. By clicking on the “Sites” button in the SharePoint 2013 ribbon, one navigates over to My Site. As Asif Rehmani demonstrates, the URL for the page served once the “Sites” button has been clicked should have “/personal/” in it, designating a web page for My Site.

To access the My Site Document Library, click on “Site Actions” from the gear symbol in the upper right hand area of the ribbon, and then on “Site Contents”. The document library icon that is exposed on the “Site Contents” page represents the main My Site document library. Any and all other document libraries will appear below this library.

There are several views for the top document library. The “All” view exposes all of the content in the library, including all of the sub libraries. One of the sub libraries (which Asif Rehmani explains is simply another view) is titled “Shared with Everyone”. Any documents added to this shared document library will be exposed to each other member of the My Site owner’s group.

The simple set of steps required to add documents to this shared document library feature of My Site in SharePoint 2013 should help hasten user adoption for the platform. Organizations looking to implement SharePoint 2013 as a method of promoting more collaboration between personnel, in particular, should look into this feature.

Ira Michael Blonder

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