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Enterprise Search is a Key Feature of SharePoint Server and 2013 is No Exception

Enterprise Search is a key feature of any version of SharePoint Server and the 2013 version of this product is no exception. An effective search component is critically important to the effectiveness of any attempt at managing content, or documents at an enterprise level. Of course, the important point is to specifically define precisley what is meant by the term “effective”. We think the answer will vary, significantly, from implementation to implementation. Nevertheless, organizations considering SharePoint and those already committed to this path should certainly assemble a useful definition of the term for their unique needs.

We’ve published a set of video tutorials on this topic, SP13-305 SharePoint 2013: Search Video Training Course. This set of video training is available to anyone with a subscription to our website. The set can also be purchased for either individual or group local viewing.

Our series is authored by SharePoint MVP and published author, Ms. Agnes Molnar. The intended audience for this training set are SharePoint administrators, developers and architects.

The set opens, appropriately, with an introduction to some of the new features of search built into SharePoint Server 2013 and a conceptual presentation of search as a server feature. Ms. Molnar defines “search as something that connects people to the information they need to get their jobs done”. Ms. Molnar notes “I said “something” because search is more than just technology. Search is a business concept, search is a business decision. Search is a huge project”

We would add search is the key component of identifying and retrieving either documents or content, as required by EDM and ECM methodologies. Of course, for heavily regulated businesses, EDM and ECM procedures are mandatory and must be capable of delivering the results required for these organizations to maintain compliance with regulatory agencies and their specific requirements.

Ira Michael Blonder

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