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End User Optimized Video Tutorials for SharePoint 2013 Help Hasten SharePoint Adoption

Organizations planning either an implementation of SharePoint 2013, or a migration to SharePoint 2013, may want to plan on offering optimized, on-demand, task specific training resources to end users, including site owners. Usually this planning makes sense for organizations looking to reduce the cost of SharePoint development and support by training end users to “self manage.”

It’s important to define “optimized.” SharePoint end users benefit most from short video presentations of specific computer procedures. Keeping these tutorials focused on specific tasks, and short in length, encourages viewers to view them again and again until correct procedures are assimilated. By no means should viewers be expected to bookmark specific sections of lengthy videos. It’s unlikely they will repeatedly review these sections. It’s also possible they will not bookmark the correct sections, which substantially diminishes the value of the video tutorial and necessitates more direct involvement on the part of the support team.

So “optimized” video tutorials for end users are usually very short in length, limited to one computing topic, and composed of recorded mouse clicks, a human audio narrative and text boxes. There is little or no abstraction in the presentation, nor are there any “bobbing heads” presenting the information.

We’re pleased to announce the publication of the first 11 end user video tutorials for SharePoint 2013 on our web site. Any subscriber to SharePoint-Videos.com can access these videos. By the end of June of this year we plan on publishing approximately 100 of these optimized video tutorials on SharePoint 2013. Once the set is complete, we will have covered all of the list and library and administration topics covered in our set of end user video tutorials for SharePoint 2010.

If your organization is planning to implement SharePoint 2013 and you understand the imperative of providing end users with the type of training resources we’ve described, please contact us. We can schedule an online presentation where we show you these videos.

Ira Michael Blonder

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