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Building Custom List Templates for SharePoint 2013

In a video tutorial titled Building Custom List Templates – Part 1, Yaroslav Pentsarskyy, subject matter expert and published author demonstrates how to successful produce custom list templates.

Yaroslav uses Visual Studio to build the custom templates included in this video tutorial. His Visual Studio environment includes SharePoint Developer Tools, and SharePoint Project Items. The method he demonstrates is written in C#. The template set is labeled “SharePoint Solutions”.

From “SharePoint Solutions” he selects “SharePoint 2013 Project”. He then specifies a site for debugging. For this video tutorial, he explains an Office 365 site, or another cloud location can be selected if the purpose of the project is to produce an App. But a project with an objective of producing a farm solution must include a local debugging site. For the purposes of this tutorial, he selects a local debugging site.

The next step is to specify whether the objective is to produce either a farm or a sandbox solution. As he notes, Microsoft has announced sandboxed solutions will be phased out in the near future. He chooses the farm solution option, but takes a moment to explain a bit about why it would otherwise make sense to select a sandboxed solution. In the course of his explanation he notes the App model has been built to replace the sandboxed solution. Of course the App model can also be used to build applications for a cloud computing environment.

Once he completes the last setting, Visual Studio creates an instance of a project.
He explains the process whereby Visual Studio will produces a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) for each project. Each DLL will be dropped into the Global Assembly Cache, where security policies require strong names for any item stored in this location. A key will be used to set the strong name for the project.

In the next post to this blog we will continue our commentary on this tutorial.

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