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Any Effective End User Training Plan for SharePoint 2013 Must Address Four Broad Areas of Interaction

As Keenan Newton, a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft makes clear in a short video, “Why Apps for SharePoint 2013?” published on the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) site, End Users usually interact with SharePoint at four broad areas: Sites, People, Apps and Themes.

Mr. Newton also explains most software is written for user engagement around a single activity. His references are chosen from cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS) offers; for example, Amazon and eBay for online shopping. But SharePoint, as he explains, does not conform to this model. Rather, SharePoint ” . . . has many concepts and artifacts, which makes it difficult to learn for end users”.

When Mr. Newton’s comments are added to a familiar argument for “SharePoint adoption”, SharePoint stakeholders across a wide range of different types of organizations can, perhaps, better understand the challenge they face as they encourage end users to make more use of the SharePoint computing platform.

I should emphasize the importance of SharePoint 2013 to Mr. Newton’s points. After all, SharePoint 2013 is the first version of the computing platform to provide users with a method of implementing the App development model. As well, this latest version of the server was developed for a marketplace where cloud computing solutions are abundant, and end users expect support for remote computing capabilities over small, smart mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).

So any comprehensive training resource that claims to satisfy the needs of organizations implementing SharePoint 2013 must provide easily accessible training content on each of these broad areas.

Our SharePoint-Videos.com “Multi User Licensing” offers for SharePoint Training meet this requirement. This year we’ve released well in excess of 300 video tutorials specifically on SharePoint 2013. We’ve also grouped this comprehensive training content into a set of curricula suitable for end users, administrators, developers, architects and even stakeholders.

We offer specific training content, in sets, on SharePoint 2013 Branding, the App Development model, and Site management. The sets we offer on workflow, and forms development can be useful for organizations looking for more effective methods of stimulating collaboration between people, the fourth area of end user engagement mentioned in Mr. Newton’s short video.

Ira Michael Blonder

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